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A story to tell... [entries|friends|calendar]
Magic Bean

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11:36pm August 16th]
[ mood | look at that grin! ]

Today has kicked a lot of hardcore bottooom
Will came over, as promised!
We had plentiful fun, jumping off tree stumps, talking about holidays and such like

Then we went to get Claire and Cradam
Both very beautiful people
Claire has looked after billiam verdy well - yay!
Didn't see her kitteh though :(

Then me and Will went to Pizza Express
Teh whole family lovers him lots now
Stayed out for a bit after that
Getting bitten by midgies and realising how I'm gonna miss him, even though he's only going to Frogland (France) for five days...

He's so amazingly amazing (heheh the phrase is back!)! While I was gone he:
*Wrote me a letter and put a picture of him inside it, which is currently by my beddy-byes
*Got me: a rose quartz bracelet (which means love); the CD-DVD Hawthorne Heights album; A toy hedgehog called Howard, and a Penguin called Skipper!
And all I got him was a hat... how shit...

I'm going to bed now. Very tired, but dont seem to be suffering from jet-lag... yet...

And to all a good night!

(Could it be alright?)

10:36am August 16th]
don't click here...Collapse )
(Could it be alright?)

9:51am August 16th]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Tum ti tum
I'm so very very bored
But talking to Lydia makes things so much more fun!
Town on thursday should be fun

I've decided to change the way I do this journal
I'm gonna make most of them public
But others I'm only gonna let people I trust see them
So count yourself lucky if you can read them haha

But oh well

I've got nothing to do for about 4 hours
So I'm gonna waste time putting pointless things on here
There'll be so much for you all to read!
I know that gets annoying
But oh well
It's fun for me
And we don't want ME getting bored do we?

Oh i love being selfish sometimes haha

Signing off this entry

El xxx
(Could it be alright?)

7:31am August 16th]
[ mood | bored ]

I have a new background
Done all by myself
Cos I'm fantasmical...*cough*

But yeah
Something inside me seems to have changed since I've been away
And I don't know what
But i know part of it seems to want to make changes



Today is gonna kick arse i think. Will is coming over and then we should be wondering around and seeing claire and her new kittah and retrieving billiam the first... or second... i dunno - they both just wander around aimlessly, staring and forgetting things every two seconds... = P!

Oh yeah the writing went small again didn't it? Ah well, Jonny's not here at the moment so it should be ok... I'll just change it back when he gets back.

Why is it so damn early??. Oh... my dad's just told me to go do my room.
It's something to do isn't it?

Well, tar tar for now

(Could it be alright?)

6:27pm March 1st]
This is friend's only
I'm currently searching for a friends only thing
But right now this'll have to do!
Note me if you want to
I'll add you...
If i want to

And we all lived happily ever after

(5 Scattered pictures *+* Could it be alright?)

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